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Pet Bathing

Essential Communication With Your Pet's Bather is Step 1

Pawsh Wash has broken your pet's bath down into 8 steps that will make cleaning more enjoyable and successful. We want your dog to be not only truly clean, but feeling good, too!


Leave your pet in our good hands, and we'll call you when your dog is clean and ready to be picked up!

Step 1 - Checking in: When you check in at Pawsh Wash, be sure to let us know about any conditions or sensitivities your dog may have. We'll talk to you about your dog's needs, feel the coat for mats, check for fleas, and examine the condition of the skin and coat.

From brushing out to bath

Step 2 - Brushing out: In the wash room, we will brush to remove excess hair. A good brushing helps make the bath more effective.


Step 3 - Ear cleaning: Clearing a dog's ears of dirt and wax is important. After the cleaning, we will place cotton balls in them to protect the ears during the bath itself.


Step 4 - Washing: We rinse dirt and debris from your pet's coat with oatmeal-based and soap-free shampoos and conditioners.

Drying, trimming, and more

Step 5 - Towel drying: Using a towel reduces blow dryer time.


Step 6 - Nail trimming: Right after the bath, nails are easier to see and are softer from soaking in the tub.


Step 7 - Blow drying: We use high-velocity blowers to quickly remove the water from your pet's coat.


Step 8 - Final brushing: We finish with a brushing to remove extra hair and brush out tangles. A finishing spray and bandana says your pet is ready to go!

We guarantee that you and your pet will leave Pawsh Wash happy!