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Pawsh Wash Products

Quality Products Help Fight Fleas and Ticks

Pawsh Wash carries a variety of flea and tick medications, from topical treatments to all-natural approaches. Get effective, non-toxic, chemical free solutions that are safe for you, your pet, your house, and your yard!

Keep a close eye on your pet

Tip 1 - Remember to treat your pet for infestations once a month, year round.


Tip 2 - Inspect your pet regularly. Signs that your dog or cat might be infected include constant scratching and visible skin irritation.


Combing through your pet's coat gives you a better look at both the coat and the skin.


Using a fine-toothed comb can help you determine the severity of the infection.

Regular washing helps

Tip 3 - Bathe your pet often. Keeping your animal clean will remove flea saliva, which can irritate the skin, and make it easier to spot the invaders.


Once you know there's an infestation, a flea shampoo offers a quick remedy. But remember that treating the animal alone may not solve the problem. You may have to treat your house as the fleas may have made their way inside.


Tip 4 - Monitor the condition of your pet's skin. Dry and itchy skin is an ideal environment for fleas, while a well-balanced diet rich in omegas can help maintain healthy skin and a clean coat.

Pawsh Wash has offered high-quality products and service for 10 years.